Should You Invest in an HMO in Liverpool?

HMOs (houses of multiple occupancy) are a popular choice for property investors. We look at why HMOs in Liverpool are a good place to put your money.

Liverpool HMO Breakdown – Why Invest?

1. HMOs in demand

Over recent years we have seen a soaring number of young people from the UK and overseas choosing to study in cities such as Liverpool. Due to the high demand, universities are struggling to build accommodation, many only offering first year students the option to stay in halls of residence. The constant housing demand from students has seen HMO living thrive and investors have been reaping the financial rewards.

2. It pays to invest

Investing in student HMO accommodation can be a sound investment. If you are happy to let to multiple individuals, the rental yields are known, in most cases, to be much higher than a single occupancy let.

3. Tenant loyalty

Most degree students study for 3 years, but this can be longer depending on type of degree or professional qualification. This means that you could potentially have a guaranteed tenant for a minimum term of two years (if they have taken the first-year hall of residence). Providing and maintaining high quality HMO living will not only ensure tenant loyalty but can result in recommendations, helping to maintain continuous cash flow.

4. Good resale value

All investors hope for strong capital growth as well as a good rental return and with the city of Liverpool continuing to grow economically, property values are expected to increase. By investing wisely and maintaining your HMO property, returns should be favourable.

5. The city students love

University students that choose to study in Liverpool are rarely left disappointed. Liverpool offers students a more affordable city lifestyle while being immersed in history and surrounded by beautiful architecture. Who wouldn’t want to study in Liverpool?

The Marshall Group offers a unique and bespoke HMO service taking you through the sale of a property, refurbishment into a HMO ensuring all relevant licenses are received then a management package to ensue we fill each room and provide you with maximum returns on your investment at the earliest opportunity.

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