Despite being worth just under £1 trillion globally as of 2017, many are still unsure about the meaning of Facilities Management (FM). 

Ultimately, it is a process of managing and maintaining business’ facilities. It is usually divided into two sub-categories: Soft Facilities Management (Soft FM) and Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM). 

Soft FM usually involves the management of people to carry out services (e.g. catering, ICT, grounds keeping, cleaning, security etc.). On the other hand, Hard FM deals with physical assets such as construction, design, plumbing, heating and more. 

The Main Benefits of Facilities Management

  • Effective management of your buildings
  • Helps your business maintain complete compliance
  • Protects your workforce
  • Increases the efficiency of your business
  • Enables cost-effective working processes

Why is it Important?

In terms of property upkeep and maintenance, facilities management is a necessity for a lot of organisations. For some, a certain level of upkeep is required as part of their office building lease. Facilities management can help to maintain this required upkeep, prevent a building from falling into disrepair and help you to maintain excellent health and safety standards.

As well as helping your organisation stay compliant, FM also has the potential to keep your staff happy, and boost productivity. A pleasant working environment will have a positive knock-on effect—something as simple as making an office tidier could be all it takes. 

What Marshall Property Construction Can Offer

With our focus on repair and maintenance, we use a combination of both Hard and Soft FM to help businesses. We currently offer a reactive and bespoke service for over 1500 sites throughout the UK, providing professional 24/7 support to our clients. 

Along with our own dedicated workforce, we also work with approved subcontractors and a supply chain in order to provide a personalised service that’s tailored to each business. 

Whether it’s cleaning or security that you require, our ethos is to deliver consistent, high-quality, transparent and value-for-money services. Check out our dedicated Facilities Management service, where you can find out more and get in touch